If you want online visibility, a good and attractive website is the best starting point. Whether you already have a finished idea on how your online signature should look or you want to start from a blank page, we can make it happen.

By using a multitude of different tools we can create anything from a simple but attractive one-pager to a massive online customer experience.

Back Office Applications

By automating repetitive tasks, organising your administration, managing your customer base, … we provide you with the necessary tools so you can focus on what you do best.

A custom-built application requires a little more time to create but fits your needs better than any off the shelf product. This way Exe-file wants to give you the ability to focus on your customers instead of putting too much time in necessary but time consuming overhead.

Mobile Applications

Because sometimes it is easier to be mobile than fixed behind a desk.

Mobile doesn’t just mean opening a desktop application on your phone or tablet. At Exe-file we create apps that are easy to use, even with the limited input possibilities of a handheld device. Next to being able to move around freely, using your phone or tablet gives us the possibility to integrate all capabilities of these kind of devices.
Want a photo of your new product directly on your website? Want your GPS location used to automatically calculate your travel expensens on your invoices?

These things are possible by combining your phones capabilities with our applications.


Because we believe in connecting your different systems and in that way creating one solution. Sometimes our customers already have a decent application for something, and another for something else. (and even another for that third task?) We don’t want to needlesly replace what you are already accustomed to, we want to avoid doing the same thing twice.
Your quotation tool doesn’t let you automatically create the invoice?

You can’t automatically update your products photos/prices everywhere with one single click?
You need to manually copy your new customers info everytime you want to create an invoice?

Ask us, we might have the solution.


Anything, or almost anything, is possible in the wonderful world of coding.  Since programming is our passion, please feel free to contact us with any software related questions.

If you can think it, we can write it.